#ThriftyThursday – preparing for next season

Think about what makes you donate to Goodwill – your closet is too full, something doesn’t fit right, or it’s spring cleaning time.

Spring cleaning brings lots of donations to Goodwill stores, donations for all seasons of clothes, especially winter coats and accessories.  So, by keeping an open mind, you might just find the perfect item for next season.

During a quick trip to our newest store in Gretna (11722 Standing Stone Drive), I found three awesome coats that were a pretty sweet bargain.

Laundry Coat

This mid-length houndstooth winter coat by Laundry is perfect for chilly days when you need to still look nice.  It matches nearly everything, while being super fun & cute.

Anthropologie coat

A lighter coat, this funky-patterned jacket from Anthropologie’s Cidra line is perfect for crisp fall days.

Limited Jacket

To get into the Easter spirit, grab this bright yellow patterned jacket by the Limited.  You can wear this with jeans to keep yourself warm outside, or with a little black dress in the office year-round.

I forgot to mention the best part – ALL of the coats were only $.99!  That is an unbeatable deal, even if the items hang out in your closet while we forget how cold Nebraska gets during the winter.  Head to Goodwill now, stock up on some great winter gear - you’ll be glad you did come November (or next week, you never know in Nebraska).

#ThriftyThursday – Reserve 99, a whole new experience

reserve 99

You read that right – as of tomorrow, Reserve: Goodwill in the Market will become Reserve 99: Goodwill in the Market.  A small name change, but a HUGE shopping change.

Reserve 99 will feature clothing for men, women, and children of all ages & sizes – all priced at only $.99.  This unique shopping starts tomorrow at 11 a.m.  Rumor has it there will be cookies, too!

In the meantime, we are busy working on redesigning the entire store.  Shelves are being moved around, the stage has been dismantled, and dozens of new clothing racks are coming in.

In true #ThriftyThursday fashion, I’m going to show you a sample of some AWESOME stuff you can get at the Reserve for only $.99, starting tomorrow at 11 a.m.






Look at all of these awesome purses.  All $.99.







The Reserve was always our wedding dress headquarters, now these great dresses are only $.99.  How cool would it be to tell all your wedding guests that your dress was less than one dollar?!







We’ll have something for everyone, kids included.  Here is a wide variety of shorts and pants for your young ones.
















These $.99 ties would be a stylish addition to any man’s wardrobe.










For a more casual look – all of this denim is only $.99 each!  Reserve will have dress pants, shorts, and skirts too.











Need a spring jacket for your daughter?  This lightweight Columbia zip-up is the perfect color for spring.









Here is some sweet Husker gear, including the cutest baby-sized red beanie.











We’ll even have some household goods, Easter decorations, and record albums on Friday morning.





You’d be crazy to miss this grand re-opening.  Head to the Reserve (13 & Howard, Omaha) this weekend for some great deals.  We are so excited about this rebranding – can’t wait to see everyone this weekend!


#ThriftyThursday – relax with Goodwill

It is easy to get overwhelmed with things going on in your life; school, work, volunteering, and the thousands of other things that come up each day.  Sometimes, we just need to relax & unwind.  Shopping helps relieve stress for some, and at Goodwill you can actually purchase items that might help you unwind a little after a rough week.

Steps to relaxing weekend:



1. Brew yourself a hot cup of tea or coffee.  Goodwill has wide selection of coffee pots & tea kettles, ranging from $5.99 to $19.99.







2. Light some candles.  You can always find donated      candles in our stores.  From simple jar candles to more  elaborate designs, candles are priced as low as $.59.










3. Take a bath.  Nothing seems as relaxing as a nice, long bubble bath.  Finding new bath sets at Goodwill is pretty common, like this Sara Michaels set for only $6.99.







4. Find a book.  Every Goodwill has a HUGE selection of books for all tastes.  Benson Park Plaza alone has five racks!  Don’t waste your money buying books new, check out Goodwill’s selection instead.










5.  You have your book, now find a nice, comfy chair.  The micro-suede power recliner is great for reading, or even a nap.  Chairs and couches in great condition (like this one) can be found at our Goodwill stores.  This one is only $99.99.




















6.  If all else fails, fill up this wine rack and have a glass (or two)!








Relax.  It’s the weekend – you’ve earned it!  Happy hunting!

#ThriftyThursday – a little bit country

Living in Nebraska, we have the chance to be a little bit country.  If you’ve never worn country-style pieces, it can be intimidating to start.  But sometimes it’s fun to let your cowboy side out and go to a country concert (like the Lady Antebellum concert in Omaha tonight) or just hang out with friends.  Whatever your plans, Goodwill is a great place for finding pieces to add simple country flair to your everyday look!




These Sonora cowboy boots are super cute & real leather – plus, they are in brand-new condition.  For only $14.99, they are a simple add-on for those starting to dabble in a country-look.







You can pair these boots with a cute, simple dress for a night out anywhere.  This print dress is only $7.99.  Go a little country, Omaha, and happy hunting!


#ThriftyThursday – March Madness

It’s mid-March and, in the world of sports, that can only mean one thing – March Madness is beginning!

Whether your watching at home, at  bar, or at the arena, you need to look good while supporting your team and monitoring your brackets.  You probably won’t win the billion dollar bracket, so Goodwill is great place to find affordable clothes to cheer in.

Of course, you can find shirts that support our local teams in Omaha-area Goodwill stores (there are 13 of them!).


Nebraska is always a favorite sports team.   It’s their first time in the NCAA tournament as a member of the Big 10 conference, so make sure you show your support on Friday by wearing red!

Maybe you are more of a Creighton fan.   Goodwill has plenty of Bluejay gear for under $5.  Support the home team as they take on the Rajin’ Cajuns on Friday.

Goodwill has more than just local teams, though.

Rock Chalk in this KU shirt, $3.59

Perennial powerhouse Duke shirt, $3.59

Oregon shirt, $2.59

Play-in team University of Iowa shirt, $3.59

Only 68 teams can make the NCAA tournament each year.  But even if your team didn’t make it to the big dance, you can still get your gear at Goodwill!

Cal was one of the first four out, but this shirt is a winner, $3.59.

NIT Team Mizzou shirt, $2.59.

UNO Tee-$3.59

Even home team UNO will be competing in the post-season this year, with an appearance in the CBI.  The new Division 1 team is showing strength on the court this year.

Whether you’re saying “Go Big Red,” “Go Jays,” or supporting another team this month.  Make sure to stop at Goodwill for a great selection of NCAA branded merchandise.